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Welcome to K9 Good Manners!


Your dog will get a solid foundation for life-long good manners and a great start for any type of other training or competition.  All training is force-free and based in behavioral science, which means we teach the dog to do the behaviors on their own while having fun without corrections or training collars.
Both people and dogs will benefit!


Your dog will learn the basics of –

Sit/down/stand                          Give                                      Response to name

Stay/Wait/Settle                        Go to your place or bed        Sit and shake hands greeting

Walking on leash                      Come when called                Leave it and Off

Social good manners                Allows exam/grooming         Responds to you when distracted

flexibility exercises

You will learn -

how to reinforce good behavior, how to break training down into small steps,

How to “mark” a behavior, importance of diet, exercise and identification.

Note that some dogs learn quicker than others, some have a teenage brain, some have environmental issues that can interfere with learning.  This class is a start on the path for a well-behaved dog and a wonderful relationship.

When you come to class bring tasty treats, a very hungry dog, a 6 foot leash and your dog should be wearing a harness  (preferred), or buckle, snap or martingale collar and a 6 foot leash. 

** Please be your pet's advocate - this is a busy shopping center with cars and children in the area.


Recommended Harnesses –

Petsafe 3-n-1 harness or Blue-9 harness - available at Unleashed, Amazon or Petco

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