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Drop-in Nosework practice

Drop-ins, please sign up in advance

limited to 8 dogs

contact Terri to sign up!


Wednesday 2:30pm or 6:30pm  Drop-in

Sunday 10am Drop-in (through Dec 5)

dog must be on at least Birch odor

Nosework is a fun activity designed for dogs and owners of any age.
Inspired by working detection dogs and developed by professional detection trainers, this type of activity provides an outlet for a dog's natural instincts.

We build strong odor seeking skills by tapping into the dog's innate instinct to hunt. 

This highly enriching game stimulates the dog's mind, builds confidence and can be easily added to your daily routine.


Introduction to Nosework  6 weeks  $180

In this class, your dog will be introduced to searching for food both in and out of boxes,

building a strong hunt drive and increasing the difficulty of searches

Introduction to Odor and Vehicles  6 weeks $180

In this class, your dog will be introduced to searches on vehicles and outdoors, and will be introduced to Birch odor

after these 2 classes are completed, you may come to any Drop-In class.

Evergreen nosework classes are taught on Wednesday and Sunday.

I also teach Nosework on Saturdays at Blue Springs DTC in Englewood.

Contact Blue Springs to sign up.

Blue Springs n' Katydid  DTC, Engelwood, CO
2980 W Oxford Ave, Unit B, Englewood, CO 80110