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6 week class for puppies 12 weeks to 6 months, limit 6 puppies                  

Teaching basic manners, introduction to distractions and socialization. 

Includes test.

S.T.A.R. =  Socialization, Training, Activity, Responsible owner

Your puppy will learn –

Sit/down/stand    Give/let go                   Response to name       Stay/Wait/Settle      

“leave it” or off     Walking on leash        Come when called        Sit/shake paw greeting

 Go to your bed   Allow exam/grooming  Social good manners   Responds when distracted


You will learn -

how to reinforce good behavior, how to break training down into small steps, grooming, how to “mark” a behavior, puppy flexibility exercises, importance of diet, exercise and identification.


$5 per session, age limit - 10 weeks to 6 months 

LIMITED TO 8 PUPPIES - Reserve your spot!


Puppy socials give your puppy the opportunity to play with other puppies of different sizes, ages and breeds.  We also introduce various learning opportunities such as toys, different surfaces, socialization with other people and basic behaviors such as sit and down.

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A tired puppy is a happy family!

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